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What is fertiliser?

What is fertiliser?

Posted by Lisa Taylor on 5th Oct 2018

Fertilisers are a manufactured blend of minerals that are essential for plant growth. They are used to give plants an extra boost, giving them everything that they need to grow strong and healthy.

When you buy fertiliser the basic mineral quantities are always listed on the label under the labels – N, P, K. This shows you the mix of N = NITROGEN, P= PHOSPHORUS and K = POTASSIUM. If all of the numbers are the same, then you have an equal amount of each mineral in the mix, for example 10-10-10. Generally speaking, the actual percentage of fertiliser in each mix can be calculated by adding all of the numbers to give you the percent out of 100 in the particular bottle/bag. In this example the actual percentage of minerals is 30%.

What will fertiliser do for you and your lawn turf?

Nitrogen – Nitrogen helps the foliage of plants and promotes overall growth. In grass the use of Nitrogen fertiliser results in a dark green colour. Sometimes people choose a fertiliser that is high in nitrogen as they want immediate results, however once the grass has been cut a couple of times the lawn may start to look weak.

Phosphorous – Phosphorous is good for root development, helping create lateral strength. This is an important factor for us as turf growers, as we cut the turf under the root system.

Potassium – Potassium helps provides disease resistance. Similar to our immune system, potassium is important for health and flowering.

The remaining percentage of ingredients is made up of fillers and smaller trace minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sulphur, iron and magnamese. Fillers are added to help keep the fertiliser dry and easy to spread.

Always follow the instructions for the fertiliser you are using and don’t overdo it – especially with the nitrogen!

To create the perfect lawn don’t forget to water your grass and cut it regularly.