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Tips for laying turf in summer

Tips for laying turf in summer

Posted by Lisa Taylor on 9th Aug 2018

Typically speaking spring and autumn are known to be the best seasons for laying turf. This is because the conditions are thought to be just right - not too hot or cold, and not too wet or dry. The weather may be more ideal but this doesn't mean that turf cant be laid during winter or summer.  It definitely can, and doesn't even require that much extra work to help the turf establish and grow.

This is great news for home owners, as more often than not the decision to re-turf gardens isn't made until the good weather kicks in. When the sun is splitting the sky we realise that the garden is a good place to be!

Here are a few handy hints when laying turf in hot weather:

  1. Buy your turf from a local growers who cuts turf daily, fresh for your order.
  2. Prepare your ground before your turf is delivered. This means that you can get off to a flying start and minimise the length of time the turf is rolled up.
  3. Water the ground before you start laying turf.
  4. Start to lay the turf as soon as it arrives with you.
  5. Store the turf that you are waiting to use in a cool, shaded area.
  6. If you have multiple pallets of turf, take some rolls from each pallet rather than using one fully up first. This reduces the weight of the turf pallets, which in turn reduces the heat that can build up while the rolls are stacked.
  7. Water each section as soon as it has been laid, and water thoroughly every morning and evening until the grass is rooted.
  8. Never water the turf when it is rolled up.

Preparation is vital, and so is keeping the turf well irrigated and hydrated. With a little bit of care you will be enjoying your new lawn in no time at all. 

And don't forget to take care of yourself. A sun hat, sun cream and plenty of water may be needed!