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How to stripe your garden lawn

How to stripe your garden lawn

Posted by Lisa Taylor on 24th Jul 2018

Would you like to stripe your lawn, but are wondering how to do it? The goods news is - it is not too difficult to achieve. In theory, all you need to do is cut the grass in different directions. This works with all mowers but you do get better results if you use a lawn mower with a rear roller.

How does it work exactly? When you cut the grass with your lawn mower you are not only cutting the tip of the blade. You are also bending the grass blades through the mower.  It is this flattening and bending of the grass that creates the stripes. As the light hits the grass from different angles it gives the illusion of a different colour. It is actually showing a different level of light and brightness. This also means that your stripes will likely look different depending on where you are standing in the garden.

When creating a striped lawn you can also control the appearance of the stripes slightly. The grass will look darker and more intense in colour the further you bend and flatten it, so if you set the mower to its highest setting you will bend the blades further which will make the stripes appear darker.

When you turn into a new stripe, try and overlap the previous stripe slightly. This ensures an even cut all over and reduces the chances of any area being missed out. To keep it looking neat and tidy you should create the same overlap distance on each stripe. This creates a uniformed shape and ultimately adds to the overall look of your new striped lawn.