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​5 Tips for having a garden you love, in time for summer

​5 Tips for having a garden you love, in time for summer

Posted by Lisa Taylor on 14th Jan 2020

Did you find yourself dreaming of an ideally landscaped garden last summer only for the season to pass without any changes taking place? This is more common than you may think. Oftentimes our outdoor spaces take a back burner during the winter months. It may be the old adage of out of sight out of mind. It’s certainly true that when the temperature rises and the sun comes out more often we spend more time in our gardens.

Why wait until summer to start thinking about making these changes? Get ahead of the game this year and start your landscaping project earlier with our 5 tips below to make sure you get the most out of your garden during the summer months!

1. Think about how you plan to use your garden

It’s easy to know that you want a nice garden, but take time to think about how it will be used. Is it a purely ornamental front garden? Will you be dining with family and friends on a patio? Do you want a nice green lawn for sunbathing or garden games?

2. Look for inspiration

The internet is a great source of inspiration – from online forums to Instagram there are plenty of opportunities to see some expertly landscapes and well-manicured gardens. 

Good landscaping stores will have a display area where you can view the various products they supply. This is a great opportunity to see decorative slabs, cobbles and aggregates in a real life environment and compare the various options. 

3. Work out your budget

How much are you willing to spend on your new garden? If it is a considerable investment you should consider putting a little away each month to make it more manageable.

4.Find a local landscaper

If you won’t be doing the job yourself, you will need to find a suitable landscaper to complete the works for you. You can ask your neighbours for recommendations, or find your landscaper through the phone book or internet. Don’t be afraid to search for previous customer reviews, or ask to see pictures of completed jobs. A good landscaper will be happy to discuss your ideas with you and suggest practical changes if appropriate

5.Book your landscaper.

Found someone you are happy with? Excellent. Book them in to start the job. If you’re in a position to start your project before summer, great. As the landscaping profession is predominantly seasonal landscapers tend to have some free space off peak, whereas during the summer months the lead time can be upwards of 2 – 3 months! Book now to avoid disappointment later in the season.